What This is and is Not

What this Place Is:

  • A place for me to think about things and share them with the world
  • A place for me to share information that I think may be useful to other people
  • Pro-Neurodiversity; social-model oriented
  • A place where people can civilly disagree, with the condition that the disagreement comes from actual evidence and not from a doctrine and nothing more.
  • #RedInstead, #LightItUpGold, rainbow infinity symbol

What this Place Is Not:

  • Cure-oriented, anti-vaxx, or pro-MMS
  • A place for ABA-apologists to hang out or for ABA therapists to argue about their doctrine (I have sources: if it does not use aversives/is not government-sanctioned abuse it is not ABA regardless of whether the therapy took the label or not.)
  • A place for LIUB. Autism Speaks is a hate group and, unless you want to check out the resources page, that is the end of the story.
  • A puzzle piece place. I am aware that some Autistic people are okay with the puzzle piece but there are a lot of people who do not feel safe around that symbol. The only times I am using it are to either make a point about something or with a “no” sign placed on top of it.