When the Burnout Strikes Back

Wow! The last month or so has been quite a lot…

April was Hell Month, meaning Autism Speaks (widely considered a hate group within the Autistic culture) was running around, lighting it up blue, and we Autistics were doing a social media campaign called #RedInstead to fight against it. Not that the people who we’re trying to fight will notice/care, but at least maybe the odd one-or-two will take a look and do their research.

A blue puzzle piece with a big “no sign” over it. A silver web and golden sparkles fill the background. The text “Autism $peaks is a hate group! NoPuzzl” sits on top of all of this.


After that, I ran into a friend I have not seen for three or so years, and while we sorely needed to catch up, I was feeling exhausted after awhile and essentially slept the rest of the day. They’re an awesome person though, and as they put it “logical to a fault” (but? how can you be logical to a fault?) which means we get along great.

Buuut now that means it is finals week. So, basically that means while I didn’t (and won’t ever) cram, I am still reviewing things while socially and mentally drained. If I ever did anything else it was Instagram and Twitter, because I could basically put my thoughts together in little snippets rather than a huge post. I like making huge posts, but they tend to come at midnight, when there’s nothing else to do. It’s that magical time between becoming tired and not quite ready to pass out from exhaustion.

I also have a dead-o laptop, since the charger wouldn’t even work (I had to toss it away). The reason it’s a dead-o laptop is that it’s a Gateway laptop, and Gateways haven’t been in production for five years if I understand correctly. Which means I can’t write the way I want. Sure, there’s mobile, but I can’t do nice paragraphs and layouts since I have no idea how it works (on mobile). I had a set of posts queued, but even those ran out probably a month ago.┬áIt’s pretty frustrating.


If you need the short story of that: I burned out, my laptop is essentially dead, and finals is this week.

So, yeah, sorry I haven’t been on too much.

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