Everything is so Coded

If you thought I mean fictional characters, that’s not what I mean this time (although I couldn’t blame anyone for thinking that). What I mean here is everything (err…almost everything I do) is pretty coded for a human. The two main categories are food and phrasing.

Feeling like shit? Grab a half plate of corndogs, put a lot of ketchup on the other end, and two scoops of ice cream. Top that off with an entire chocolate milk (like, from the cow, not soy). Every time someone tells you something you say I’m not stupid as if you were joking and it equates to the question Am I a joke to you? every time.

Normal day? It fluctuates a little but you can count on a Silk chocolate-flavored soy-milk being on the table. Tell people I’m busy which equates to I don’t know what I’m doing today but I feel bad saying that because ABA therapy almost broke me, I’m drowning in ableism. before moving on in your day. Specc a lot about Neurodiversity and not mope around.

Elated? Some kind of cake for dessert. For once breakfast was more than a muffin or doughnut. Lunch and dinner was corn, and for once you ate some kind of meat that wasn’t a hot dog (or similar). Specc a lot about Pokemon and Death Note, and everyone is surprised you do this if they didn’t know you for more than six months to a year. Speech is really fast and bounces just like you’re bouncing.


Since I’m currently writing this on April 13, 2018, we all know what I ended up eating (hint: corndogs and ice cream). Also, as you can see, as my days get shittier my food gets shittier too, and vice versa.


Is anyone else like this, or just me? And is it to the degree I do it? Please comment on this post with an answer if you would like to discuss. :]

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