I Don’t Think People Understand

This may seem like a strange statement at first, but I really don’t. With a few exceptions, I don’t think people actually understand how exhausted I am just thinking about this month.

Today (April 13, 2018 since I have scheduled this for April 14) has been completely exhausting. Just when I thought I could get away with not having to do the AMP’ed up advocacy stuff, Alpha Xi Motherfucking Delta puts a stand up in the middle of the walkway. If you say yesterday’s post, I’m sure you know how well that went.

Let’s consider my past for a few seconds. I used to light it up blue too, and even wanted to be a geneticist(!!!) despite being Autistic. But this is…it’s not different, it’s just very upsetting. I also may or may not be hyperempathetic when reading from text versus a low cognitive empathy with vis-a-vis interactions, I have no idea.

Either way, I literally have just wanted to do nothing but sleep for five or six hours but stay up nonetheless because I have one prospectus, one quiz, and one or two meetings I need to attend. That’s without, you know, my three essays being due within a week of each other, having to work twice this weekend, finals coming up, and two group projects/presentations being a thing.

When I say I am tired because of Autism $peaks, I mean it literally. I’m sick of apologists, and I’m sick of people just overall shitting on Autistic people. Is that frank enough for you?

One thought on “I Don’t Think People Understand

  1. Everytime someone talks about “curing” my autistic son I ask if they would send their kid to a gay conversion camp if they came out. Usually they are appalled at the thought of wanting to change a Gay child and it finally clicks in their minds.

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