Why Everyone is Not “A Little Bit Autistic”

So, to start off, a bit of a story:

Today (April 13, 2018) I was walking back from class to see Alpha Xi Delta, a sorority that supports Autism Speaks.

I normally try to maintain a sense of “civility” but for some reason, after I finished talking to them, I yelled to the top of my lungs, almost flipping them off FUCK AUTISM SPEAKS and…I know why it is.

Their demeanor. Their emotionless, dead faces. Their eyes are as glazed over as my father’s, if not worse than that. I tell them I am Autistic and they are supporting eugenics and all they say is yea, we’ve heard that and, you know, the usual bullcrap.

I returned later, apologized, and handed them a small pamphlet while saying my behavior was not acceptable. It wasn’t, but I still feel like they’ll throw it away regardless of how “good” or “bad” my behavior actually was.

They will not listen to reason, and if you saw my post on my reactions to illogic, well, this is…different…by a margin. These people are intentionally being assholes even if they do believe otherwise, and won’t even bother to listen to me (anti-vaxxers at least put up the facade). It’s not raw illogic, it’s the upkeep and-or maintenance of ignorance and bigotry.

If I had not left when I did I can almost guarantee you at least one of them would have been in a hospital right now.

Do you see what is wrong with this picture?

I’m not the type to have strong anger impulses. Not to that degree. I can be intense, but I never feel this kind of hatred toward other humans.

The reason that not everyone is a little Autistic is, yes, that we react, like, a thousand times stronger or weaker to things.

But also, most people like don’t have a hate group trying to eradicate them, obliterate their cultures, and justify torture. In fact, most people are actually safer when pairing up with said group.

Next time you say something like this, please think about all of the people you are invalidating and erasing beforehand. You may think you’re helping, but it just causes more wounds to a highly marginalized population.

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