I Need an Actual Job

I need an actual job.

There’s just one issue.

That issue is….well. I get bored. Easily. Right now, since I’m an undergraduate university student, it’s hard to find anything that’s not just dishwashing or something similar. Lop my past onto this and…you have someone who doesn’t even know what jobs they can do.

Now, I know I could just apply left and right and even for a few things I’m not qualified for, because hey — the worst people can say is “no,” right? Well, one of my traits is that I fvcking hate lying. I can lie, I just hate it. To me, applying for things that I technically don’t qualify for constitutes a lie, regardless of if what I am actually saying is true. It’s the fact I’m applying at all.

Once I actually find a job I like, I’m probably going to stick with it and just never retire (and that’s only about a half of a joke if that) because I tend to be passionate in it. There’s a reason the Autistic community calls it a special interest instead of using DSM IV’s phrase obsessions — you wouldn’t pathologize a PhD, would you? < 3

But, can most people see why this is an issue? I’m getting pretty miffed at this point. That’s especially since I won’t have my car for at least another year or so (insurance costs a lot; I was foolish as a nineteen year old to think I could handle paying it off) and until we can drive it to Iowa City/my apartment it’s sitting in my mother’s home.

Anyways, I need to thank you so much if you sat there and listened to my complaining. I did say this was a place to get out my thoughts, but I’m sure a lot of you did not think I meant like that.

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