Smile, Smile at the Lightning

I always hated photo-shoot days. You know, those days right before school where you have to look up, smiled, and *flash* there is a burning sensation and your sight gets a bit blurred from the stress of having to process that.

As soon as I am done I run far, far away. My parents yell through the crowded hallways to wait for them, so I do, but I have to close my eyes amongst all of the noise. Luckily, I can open my eyes before they (the parents) arrive. I can’t tell them there is a problem. They’ll assume there is something wrong with me, that I need more torturous ABA, that I am not capable of going to high school, much less go to a university.

Wait? That’s just me? Oh, okay then. NoPuzzl has you here, NoPuzzl will explain why it feels this way for you.

If you have not caught on yet, then I will state right now that I am Autistic. Autistic people, as you may know, do not like eye contact. What you may not know is that, for us, the reason we don’t like eye contact is because it causes many of us physical pain:




“Well, okay, fine, maybe most Autistic people, but you are most definitely staring at the camera NoPuzzl,” is likely what you’re thinking I can presume?

Actually, that was my whole point. I’m not looking at the camera. I looked at it for about a second (if that) to make sure it was lined up correctly and then pressed the button as quickly as possible. I can’t even look at my own eyes in my pictures because eyeballs burn.

Don’t send your children to therapies where they are forced to make eye contact. You may as well be forcing them to stare directly at lightning strikes, from less than a foot away.


They tell me to smile at the camera but I hear Smile, Smile at the lightning….and the flash burns. And right after I must walk up to the other desk, I am forced to look them in the eyes as I take the card. One thousand miniature atomic bombs fly right into these eyes from the other face.

There is nothing wrong with me and my being, the rule of no eye-contact, so why must everyone else believe it to be so?

Inspired by this here: Photo Theme: Smile

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